A Culinary Person

In 1976, when I was 9 years old, my family was living in Liguria, Italy. My Mother, who had always been a good home cook, had a culinary epiphany during that period and I was at the right age to join her wholeheartedly. I grew up experimenting in the kitchen and reading James Beard, MFK Fisher, Craig Claiborne and all the great books on food. The three major interests that would sculpt my life were food, writing and travel.

TasteAtlas’s mission statement could be my own. My first job, at 15, was in a restaurant and I continued working in restaurants, traveling and immersing myself in local cuisines, although I did not receive full classical training until the early 1990’s. It was difficult for women to enter the world of fine dining, yet I did so with an intense passion, becoming a Sous Chef and then Executive Chef at a variety of fine restaurants. I never stopped traveling, eating to learn, and writing about my experiences.

In 2010, during the ‘great recession’ I joined a non-profit to design their food-bank program, and (rather accidentally) found myself running the entire organization. I wrote and traveled for the organization and blogged about food. Regrettably, I did not have much time to devote to my blogs and they slowly perished.

I was surprisingly successful in growing and modernizing AHSF, and in 2015 we were taken over by a larger organization. With some private relief, I at last became a full-time writer. My writing encompasses all aspects of food, wine, humor, dining, travel, recipes and restaurants.


Welcome to the End of the World!



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