Q:How do I Keep my Neighbors from Stealing my Herbs?

Mangos on tree


I used to live in a tiny house with an enormous mango tree, as well as an avocado tree in the yard.

My neighbors constantly stole things, most of which I would gladly have given to them.

One time, they broke into my yard, (could have knocked but they broke in all the time), stole my laundry basket, which was outside on my washing machine or dryer, and filled it with mangoes. Which, as I said, I would have gladly given to them.

I came home and hunted for my laundry basket until I saw it in their yard, full of my mangoes. I demanded it back. They said “Oh, we thought no one used it.”

Another time was my bike, which I rode every day…they stole that complete with the lock around the frame and wheel. When I demanded that back, they said “Oh, we thought no one used it.” Grr.

So, if you rent save up and move.

I think a nice person might find a nice, small basket, put some herbs in it, put a bow on it and present it to them saying “Oh, I thought you might like some of these.” and see if they get the point.

My neighbors were hopeless. Sorry I can’t help with your problem.


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