Submissions (Write for us!)

The Culinary Blade accepts article submissions, regardless of whether you have been published before.

Guidelines: You can send a pitch for an article or a whole short for Gastronomicum.

  •  Word count should be around 75 for Gastronomicum posts. Images are   preferred but not required. The topic is anything funny, quirky, or odd that is related to food.
  • For article posts, the end article should be under 3000 words if possible. Foul language is perfectly acceptable but try not to overdo it.
  • Expect feedback! Make sure you leave all your contact info clearly in the pitch. You can add a bio if you want but we’ll be in touch before your article is published.
  • No attachments right now please!

This is an currently an unpaid article opportunity but you’ll get to see your name in print and add it to your published articles portfolio, if you’re working on one. Or you can show it to your friends and stuff.

What is a good pitch? Summarize your idea, Make sure the summary is clear and do use spell-check. Don’t try to be a sales-person.

No, we don’t accept anything but we will get back to you unless you send spam or madness. We’ll work with you if we like the idea and at least explain why if it’s not a good fit. Unless it’s spam or madness. You should know better.

Topics: Funny is not essential. Culinary can mean food, diet, the Biz, dining out, growing, farming, recipes, reviews, wine, nutrition, equipment you like, last meals, best meals, anything topical.

It does not mean your manic depression or advice for new moms unless either topic is related to food. Like, what you eat when you’re on Lithium or what to feed the baby. See?

Please submit on this page via comments or email!

And no spam, please! But you know that.